Welcome to Hatch Taranaki

The HATCH Trust provides funding in Taranaki for those 18 years and under in the areas of Health, Sport, Academic and Music/Arts. It was established in December 2004 by a small group of Taranaki business people. They were anxious to help less advantaged children living in Taranaki who have a tangible dream, desire and talent/skills to progress forward in their chosen field of study/career.

The stated purpose of the trust is to “promote health and education of Taranaki children by enabling access to health facilities, amateur sporting facilities, educational facilities and cultural facilities”. A fund pool has been established from fundraising events and donations and the interest accrued is now set aside to provide financial assistance in the form of grants.

Applications are accepted twice yearly closing on 30th March and 30th September.

Please read the Criteria/FAQ’s to see if you’re eligible to apply and the Trustees hope to receive an application from you soon.